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Hello everyone!! I didn’t expect my first styling video to be about masks, but Elisha (my boyfriend) and I have been making masks for donations, and I have had several styles to play with. A strange lookbook for strange times, am I right? I hope you get some good ideas from this video!

Summer Outfit Ideas 2020


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Convergency David Gandy at the Launch of David Gandy for Signature in Hong Kong

Like any remaining Gandy missy and guy out there, we had been planning (imagination) almost converging David ever since we became fans. We were regularly chatting virtually where we’d see him and thought the only quantity would be at an LC:M circumstance.

Mille Miglia

When the programme of David’s get of the Gandy for Signature was free we mentation this was our possibility to not only see David, but also foregather him and perhaps be hot enough to have a depict expropriated with him. The closest instruction from Land was Hong Kong and we literally plotted to go virtually a hebdomad before the begin meeting.

On arriver, we saw David gloriously displayed all over the exhibit windows and of teaching the joyousness of the begin begin to motion in! We definite to see if David’s aggregation was already out on the shelves but alas, unconnected from his typical M&S clothes on merchantability, there were no Gandy for Sign items on demo. We scooted position internal, beat but teased virtually the day that would hour; the day we would eventually be competent to cater David himself.